Stonehenge Art - Stonehenge - Golden Skies


Limited edition illustration of the World-renowned Stonehenge.  This fantastic illustration incorporates a circular texture to pick up on the geometry, sun-position and magnetic fields relating to the stones.

Hand-drawn by architect Robert Kann using Faber-Castell Indian ink pens, the artwork is then shaded and digitally coloured.  

To produce the 'golden' series, a layer of hand-drawn circular lines is laid over a vibrant and sunny gold-yellow background colour to give a vibrant contemporary appearance in contrast with the black and white Stonehenge illustration. When printed on textured parchment, the lines and colour become slightly broken down to create an intriguing almost weave-like quality!

This is a limited edition Giclée print on Ivory hammered-effect 300gsm paper, to give an additional element of quality and a truly unique appearance.

 Available in a range of sizes.  All purchased artwork is signed and numbered.

Unframed sizes:
SMALL SQUARE - 18 x 18 cm print with a 2.5cm archive quality acid-free mount (total size: 23x23cm)
LARGE SQUARE - 30 x 30 cm print with a 10cm archive quality acid-free mount (total size: 50x50cm)

Framed sizes:
SMALL SQUARE FRAME - 4.5cm deep 25 x 25 cm White / Black frame, with 18x18cm print
LARGE SQUARE FRAME - 5cm deep 50 x 50 cm White / Black frame, with 30x30cm print

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